The Scientist

by Michael Avery

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released August 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Michael Avery Boston, Massachusetts

Michael Avery is a Boston-based instrumental composer and producer.

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Track Name: Out of Time
Engage sequence. Welcome to sequence 0173, The Scientist. For your safety, please do not disengage once the sequence has activated. Virtual sequence 0173 is not suitable for persons with heart conditions, women who are pregnant and/or nursing, or people with preexisting medical conditions. Michael Avery is not responsible for any complications experienced during or as a result of virtual sequence 0173. If you experience an allergic reaction such as rash, hives or swelling of the throat, please contact your doctor immediately.
Track Name: X Marks the Spot
Tommy had long heard of the fabled "King's Treasure", but it was not until this very moment that he had procured his ticket to reaching it.
Well, not this exact moment, obviously. But, after some careful planning and preparation he arrived here.
His ticket being a dusty old map titled "Cthulhu's Cove" laden with winding passages reminiscent of the beast's appendages.
After extinguishing his cigarette and adjusting the brim of his hat, our hero motioned for his four legged companion "Poncho" and the two began their descent.

Once inside, things got off to a rocky start (no pun intended) and the going was slow.
Not much was known about this treasure other than that no had come close to finding it, and no one ever left Cthulhu's Cove.
Oh, and whoever found this treasure would find themselves rich beyond Donald Trump status, minus the hairdo hopefully.

If any man or woman were to find this treasure, Tommy Guns Jr. III was the man or woman to do it.
But not woman. Tommy's a man's name, I hope you've inferred that by this point in the story.
Suddenly, something was wrong.
Tommy and Poncho felt the floor give way beneath them as they tumbled some thirty feet deeper into the cave system.
The last thing Tommy remembered was a deafening roar, then everything went black.

When Tommy woke up it became apparent that the two were not alone down here.
As he shone his flashlight around the room, claw-marks on the walls became visible.
His light made its way further down the passage and something caught the light.
Something mean, with teeth and claws.
Something that looked a little something like this...

Tommy and Poncho ran as fast as their six combined legs would carry them.
The beast was close behind, but the two ducked inside a narrow enough crevice to lose the foul-breathed demon.
Tommy knew he could turn back here and give up, but he wasn't about to leave with the treasure this close by.
He followed the map deeper into the cavern, drawing nearer to their destination, propelled toward that promising insignia "X Marks the Spot"!

Our heroes' paces quickened at this point as they made their way down the final corridor.
They could smell the treasure as Poncho barked excitedly, his ears bouncing and flapping in stride.
But a different stench filled the air as Tommy came face to face with his foe once more.
It was apparent that they weren't earning their prize without a fight!

Tommy continued on, the demon's head dangling from one hand as a gruesome token of his victory.
Poncho followed closely behind as the two entered the final chamber.
Tommy took a deep breath as he set down his knapsack and cast his gaze over the room.
The sight was unlike anything he had ever seen before.
Overwhelmed by the glory of this eighth wonder of the world, Tommy Guns Jr. III lit himself a cigarette and uttered these three words:
"Mother of God"